Two Ornate Door Locks, one Silver and Steel, the other Brass and Steel, English, 17th Century, together with a Group of Early Keys.

The silver lock, made by William Partridge circa 1665, was originally fitted to a door within ‘My Ladyes apartments’ at Chatsworth House. Elizabeth Cavendish, 3rd Countess of Devonshire was the mother of Anne, who married John, 5th Earl of Exeter in 1670. When Elizabeth died in 1689, she left the entire contents of her apartments at Chatsworth to her daughter. As well as an immense quantity of precious objects and Works of Art, this even included the ornate door fittings!

The brass lock is from a door within the staterooms at Burghley. Made in the latter part of the 17th Century, it carries a cipher of the initials of John Cecil, 5th Earl and Anne, his Countess. It is a fine illustration of the immense detail that was applied to the complete remodelling of Burghley that was carried out at that time.


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