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Tullia driving her Chariot over her Father, by Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari (1654-1727).

Oil on canvas, 165 x 221cm. In a carved and gilded frame.

This work was painted for Jacopo Montinioni who died in Rome in 1687.

It was purchased by John, 5th Earl of Exeter (1648-1700), in 1699, whilst on his final Grand Tour.

It appears in a lengthy entry in the 1738 Burghley Inventory: ‘The North Dressing Room…On one Side of the Room, Tullia & Hostilius, she in her Car, the Charioteer stopping, the Horses trampling over the dead Body of Hostilius which is bloody, an Old Man weeping over him, the Guards, Men and Women differently affected with Grief and Surprize, 4 F. long, 6 broad.’

Chiari was a pupil, and one of the main assistants, of Carlo Maratta, (1625-1713), one of the 5th Earl’s favourite artists.


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