The Virgin and Child, by the Rev. Matthew Peters, R. A. (1742-1814), after Titian (1485-1576).

Oil on paper affixed to panel, 31.1 cm by 22.9 cm.

Inscribed on the reverse, in the hand of Brownlow, 9th Earl of Exeter (1725-1793), is: ‘copy by the Revnd Mr. Peters from a picture by Tiziano in the Tribune at Florence, 1763.’

Titian’s painting now hangs in the Metropolitan Museum, New York.

Matthew Peters, who later became a clergyman and chaplain to George IV, was a pupil of the artist Thomas Hudson (1701-1779).

He also spent a period training in Rome and on his return to London in 1765, he became well-known for painting ‘in the Italian manner.’


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