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The Virgin and Child, the Infant Baptist and Saint Anne, Benedetto Gennari (1633-1715).

Oil on canvas, 89cm by 109.5cm.

This painting was purchased by the 5th Earl of Exeter. It first appears in the 1688 Inventory p. 32 “The Best Bedd Chambr….1 peice over ye other Doore, our Saviour & St John by Genaro”. The 1738 Inventory gives a fuller description: “Turenne room….Over the other Door a Picture of the Same Size; The Holy Family, Our Saviour holding out his Hand, which St. John is kissing, the Virgin Mary holding a Book in one Hand, the other holding Our Saviour, Elizabeth holds St. John done by Genaro”, mistaking the figure of St. Anne for that of St. Elizabeth.



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