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The Three Children of Henry, 1st Marquess of Exeter (1754-1804), by Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A. (1769-1830).

Oil on canvas, 167.6cm by 121.9cm. The painting is unfinished.
The children, Sophia, Brownlow and Thomas were born to the Marquess’s second wife, Sarah Hoggins, who died shortly after Thomas’s birth. Sophia (1793-1823) was a talented artist who made very fine pen and ink drawings of the interiors and the exterior of Burghley, which provide a marvellous record of the House as it appeared in the 19th Century. Brownlow (1795-1867) became the 2nd Marquess of Exeter, on his father’s death in 1804, at the age of nine, and Thomas (1797-1873) became a soldier.


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