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The Seven Eldest Children of the Elector Palatine and Elizabeth Stuart in a Landscape with Hunting Trophies, after Honthorst and Poelenburch.

Oil on canvas, 36cm by 62cm.

Elizabeth Stuart was the daughter of James I and sister to Charles I.

She and her husband, the Elector Palatine are sometimes referred to as the Winter King and Queen because of their ill-judged acceptance of the throne of Bohemia and their short-lived reign as King and Queen.

Two of their sons, the Princes Rupert and Maurice of the Rhine fought tirelessly for their uncle Charles I during the English Civil War.

Gerrit van Honthorst (1594-1667) and Cornelis van Poelenburch (1592-1656) were Dutch artists active in Rome in the early 17th Century.


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