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Studio of Jan Breughel the Elder,
an Allegory of the Element of Air.

Oil on panel.

48.5cm by 75.5cm.

Purchased by John, 5th Earl of Exeter (1648-1700), one of a set of four, it appears in the 1688 Burghley Inventory: “The Tea roome…4 pictures of the Ellements Guilt frames, by —.”

Jan Breughel the Elder was born in Brussels in 1568 and died in Antwerp in 1625, a member of a well known and extensive family of artists. He spent some years in Italy, where he worked in Naples, Rome and Milan, painting mainly landscapes and history paintings. He later returned to Antwerp, where he also became well known for his allegories and flower paintings and where he frequently collaborated with other artists, most notably Peter Paul Rubens. He is sometimes referred to as ‘Velvet’ Breughel; a reference to the velvety texture of his colours.


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