The Virgin and Child in Glory, Roman School, circa 1800.

Oil on canvas, 27.5cm by 15cm.

Written on the back of the painting are the words: ‘bought at the sale of Lord Beaconsfield’s things July 13th 1881’ and on the stretcher: ‘Brought to Burghley from Deeping 1917.’

In 1875 Isabella Whichcote (1857-1917), the daughter of Sir Thomas Whichcote of Aswarby, became the wife of Brownlow, Lord Burghley, later 4th Marquess of Exeter (1849-1898).

She moved to Market Deeping after her husband’s untimely death in 1898, only three years after he inherited the title.

It seems likely that they bought the painting at Lord Beaconsfield’s sale, that it went with her to Deeping and returned to Burghley with her effects after she died in 1917.


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