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A Miniature of Queen Anne (1665-1714), by Christian Richter (1678-1732).

Oval, on card, in a rectangular stained wood frame, 7.7cm. Circa 1710.

Queen Anne was the last of the Stuart monarchs, succeeding to the throne in 1702 on the death of her childless brother-in-law William III.

She was popular with her subjects, but endured much personal sadness. She suffered from ill health for most of her life and from as many as seventeen pregnancies, there were many miscarriages and still births.

Although she and her husband, Prince George of Denmark, eventually had five children, four of them died before the age of two.

Prince William, Duke of Gloucester, the sole survivor, died at the age of eleven and one can only imagine the anguish this caused his parents.

Christian Richter was a Swedish miniaturist who arrived in England soon after Anne’s succession. He was also an excellent copyist of the works of other artists.


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