A Portrait of the Rt. Hon. Stephen Poyntz (1685-1750), by John Hill (1770-1850), after Jean Baptiste van Loo (1684-1745).

Oil on canvas, in a painted oval, 73.7cm by 62.2cm.

The Rt. Hon. Stephen Poyntz (1685-1750), was the husband of Anna Maria Mordaunt (PIC010) and the great-grandfather of Isabella Poyntz, the wife of Brownlow, 2nd Marquess of Exeter (1795-1867).

The portrait was given to William, 5th Marquess of Exeter by the 6th Earl Spencer in 1921, after the death of his aunt Lady Sarah Spencer, whose mother was a Poyntz.

John Hill was known chiefly as an aquatint engraver of topographical views.

Jean Baptiste van Loo was born in France, where he painted for both churches and public buildings.

In Italy, he decorated several churches in Rome, before moving to Turin where he painted the Duke of Savoy and several members of his court.

He spent five years in England, working as a portraitist, painting, amongst others, the Prince and Princess of Wales and Sir Robert Walpole.

He returned to his native France shortly before his death.


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