A Portrait of Lady Lucy Manners, wife of John, 2nd Duke of Montrose, by Benjamin Vandergucht (1753-1794), after Andrea Soldi (1703-1771).

Oil on canvas, 124.5cm by 99cm.

Inscribed on the reverse: ‘painted by B. Van der Gucht 1793 from an Original picture of The Dutchess of Montrose painted in 1740 by A. Soldi.’

The original painting is at Winton Castle, East Lothian.

Lady Lucy Manners (c1717-1788) was the daughter of John, 2nd Duke of Rutland.

Her great aunt was Lady Frances Manners, daughter of John, 8th Earl of Rutland, wife of John, 4th Earl of Exeter (1628-1678) and the mother of John, 5th Earl (1648-1700), one of the two great collectors at Burghley.

Vandergucht painted a number of portraits, mostly of actors and was essentially an art dealer and restorer.


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