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A Portrait of Captain William Pierrepont, by Sir Martin Archer Shee, P.R.A. (1769-1850).

Oil on canvas, 105cm by 63.5cm.

The portrait was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1800.

Captain Pierrepont (1766-1813) served in the French Revolutionary Wars as commander of the frigate HMS Naiad, from which he commanded the squadron which seized one of the largest Spanish treasure convoys ever taken, off Vigo in 1799.

He was promoted to Rear Admiral a year before his early death at the age of 46.

Martin Archer Shee’s choice of career was considered unsuitable by his Irish Catholic family, but he persevered, and eventually studied at the Royal Academy schools.

He became a fine portrait painter, although his work was always overshadowed by that of more famous contemporaries like Sir Thomas Lawrence.

After the latter’s death in 1830, Martin Archer Shee was elected President of the Royal Academy and was knighted soon afterwards.


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