A Portrait of Anna Maria Mordaunt and her brother Charles Mordaunt, by Enoch Seeman the Younger (1694-1745).

Oil on canvas, 127cm by 152.4cm.

Inscribed on the stretcher: ‘Colonel Charles Mordaunt, Anna Maria Mordaunt, Maid of Hon to Queen Caroline. Son and daughter of the Honble Lewis Peterborough 1728’.

The Mordaunts were grandchildren of Frances Bridges, the second wife of Thomas, 1st Earl of Exeter (1542-1622).

They were also ancestors of Isabella Poyntz, wife of Brownlow, 2nd Marquess of Exeter (1795-1867).

Charles inherited as 3rd Earl of Peterborough on the death of his uncle in 1697.

Enoch Seeman the Younger was born into a family of painters in Danzig (now Gdansk).

In 1704 his father, also Enoch, brought him to London where he was to become a painter at the Court of George II and Queen Caroline, whose coronation portraits he painted.


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