Luca Giordano, a Self-Portrait, circa 1680.

Painted oval, 7.4cm, 6cm wide.

Rectangular dark-stained fruitwood veneer frame.

The artist was born in Naples in 1634, and died there in 1705. He was apprenticed to Jose de Ribera (1591-1652), but his later travels to Rome, Florence and Venice introduced him to the works of Pietro da Cortona and Paolo Veronese which wrought a great change in his style. He spent ten years as court painter to Charles II of Spain from 1692-1702 and his frescoes in the Escorial are considered to be some of his finest work. He was one of the most famous and sought after Neapolitan painters of the late 17th Century and his output was vast, perhaps the result of his nickname ‘Luca Fa Presto’, literally ‘Luca Work Quickly’.


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