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Luca Giordano.

The Death of Seneca.

Oil on canvas.

246.5cm by 301cm.

Literature: 1688 Inventory, p. 32;“The Best Bedchamber…4 very Large pictures in Guilt fframes  viz. a Seneca, a Europa, St John decollating and an a Diana & Acteon by Jordanus.”

1738 Inventory: ” The Blue Velvet Drawing room [Red DR] On one Side of the Room Seneca; he sits in the Middle, one Foot bleeding in the Cistern, the other resting upon the Brim, a loose purple Mantle thrown over him.  he is Supported by 2 Pupils, 4 pupils writing he dictating to them; all in the Room except himself, in Tears; large Folio’s lying upon the Ground, a Dog sits by the Cistern looking earnestly at Seneca, upon a Shelf a Book flung open, by it a Candle just extinguisht, the Room supported by Pillars,   between ’em a View of the Country, Crouds of People looking in. On the other Side Europa upon the Bull crowned with Flowers, holding by one Horn, a loose Garment flung over her, 2 Nymphs in the Water, the rest on Shore holding out their Hands, 7 Feet 5 Inches high, 6 Feet 9 Inches wide; all these 4 Pictures done by Jordanus.”

1763 Inventory: “The Drawing room….1 Seneca bleeding to death by L. Jordanus”.


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