Louis XIV, as a child, by Jean Petitot, circa 1648.

Louis XIV (1638-1715), became King of France at the age of five under the Regency of his mother, gaining full control in 1661. Under his rule France became the dominant power in Europe and he would become the longest recorded reigning monarch in history.
About ten when the miniature was painted, Louis is depicted wearing a blue and yellow feathered cap, a slashed and embroidered yellow doublet with a spead lace collar and the sash of the Order of the St. Esprit. The 4.2cm oval enamel in a gilt frame, is engraved on the reverse ‘Lewis. y. 14th by Petitot’.
Jean Petitot (1607-1691), a Swiss artist, was recognised as one of the finest enamel painters of his time. He spent most of his working life at the Courts of France and England.


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