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Lord Burghley out riding to Hounds, by Lionel Dalhousie Robertson Edwards (1878-1966).

Watercolour heightened with bodycolour, 36.8cm by 76.8cm.
Signed and inscribed: Lord Burghley’s Hounds and dated 1938.

Lord Burghley (1905-1981) was involved with hunting throughout his life and was Master of several packs of hounds.

His father had started a private pack of harriers in 1898, which some years later became a pack of foxhounds.

At the time, the green jackets shown in the painting, which were usually associated with harriers, were retained by the hunt.

The artist specialised in painting horses and depicted all aspects of sporting country life, though as a keen fox hunter himself, he was perhaps best known for his hunting scenes.


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