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Leda and the Swan, Carlo Maratta (1625-1713).

Oil on canvas, 30.5cm by 38cm.

The seduction of Leda by the god Zeus, disguised as a swan. One of four small paintings by Maratta, (see also PICs 238, 244 & 245), bought by the 5th Earl of Exeter and first recorded at Burghley in the 1688 Inventory: 25; “My lords closett…..2 peices a Lyda, a Ixion no frames by —“. 1738 Inventory, p. 55-6: “The Dressing room… 4 small Pieces; Jupiter and Alcmene, Danäe and the Golden Shower. Leda and the Swan. Ixion and the Cloud “, where they still hang.




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