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Italian Fishermen in a Rocky Cove, 1771, by Henry Cecil (1754-1804).

Brown and grey wash, 36.8cm by 50.8cm.
Henry Cecil was the nephew and heir of Brownlow, 9th Earl of Exeter (1725-1793). After parting from his first wife, Emma Vernon, Henry moved to Great Bolas in Shropshire, where he lived incognito and worked as a landscape painter, whilst lodging with a family called Hoggins. This is said to be an example of his work. He fell in love with Sarah, the Hoggins’ daughter, who was to become his second wife. Henry inherited his uncle’s title in 1793, becoming the 10th Earl of Exeter. In 1801 the title was raised to a marquessate when he became 1st Marquess of Exeter.


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