Hannah Sophia, Countess of Exeter, née Chambers, by Christian Friedrich Zincke, (1685-1767).

Circa 1725, with fair hair falling over her right shoulder, wearing a loose white day gown, enamel, oval, 4.5cm, gold frame, the reverse engraved with cypher below an earl’s coronet.

Hannah Sophia (1702-1765) was the daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Chambers, a wealthy iron founder of Derby. This miniature was painted a year after her marriage to Brownlow, 8th Earl of Exeter which restored the family fortunes, so depleted by the extravagant collecting of his grandparents, the 5th Earl and Countess, in the course of four Grand Tours. Records show that Hannah Sophia led an unusually independent life, given the times in which she lived.


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