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Eliezer and Rebecca at the Well, attributed to Paolo Caliari, called Il Veronese (1528-1588) and Studio.

Oil on canvas, 99cm by 117cm.

The painting depicts part of the biblical story in which Abraham’s servant Eliezer is sent to find a wife for the former’s son Isaac.

At a well he encounters Rebecca, who demonstrates her kind and generous spirit by drawing water, not only for Eliezer and his party, but also for their camels.

She thus proves her suitability to become a member of Abraham’s household, and here Eliezer is shown offering her the jewels which Abraham has sent for his son’s future wife.

Veronese was a supreme colourist, known for his illusionistic works in both fresco and oil.

He was, with Titian (c.1488-1576) and Tintoretto (1519-1594), one of the three pre-eminent Venetian painters of the late Renaissance.


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