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David de Coninck,
Cockerels fighting, a Spaniel, a Macaw and Rabbits.

Signed c.l.: F/DAVID.DE.CONINCK.

Oil on canvas, 114.5cm by 147.5cm.

In a carved and giltwood frame. Pair to PIC120.

Purchased by the 5th Earl in Rome in 1684 and appearing in the 1688, 1738 and subsequent Burghley Inventories.

It is thought that David de Coninck was born in Antwerp circa 1636 and died circa 1699, possibly in Brussels, although there is sometimes a disparity in these dates recorded. The artist worked in Paris and Rome before returning to Antwerp and later moving to Brussels. He specialised in still lifes, landscapes with animals and hunting scenes and was a major influence in the work of French, Italian and Dutch artists in the genre.


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