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Johann Carl Loth (1632-1698),
‘The Finding of Moses.’

Oil on canvas. 229cm by 274cm.

Johann Carl Loth was born in Munich in 1632, the son and pupil of the artist Johann Ulrich Loth (1590-1662). After a commission from the Emperor Leopold I in Vienna, he worked in Venice from 1663, where he died in 1698.

The Old Testament story of the Finding of Moses was popular with Venetian artists. It records the moment when the baby Moses was found in a basket amongst bullrushes on the River Nile by Pharaoh’s daughter. Her father had ordered the murder of all Israelite boys and the baby’s mother had woven the basket and placed it in the river, hoping that he would thus escape Pharaoh’s soldiers. Her daughter Miriam followed its progress and when the baby was discovered, she offered her mother’s services as a nurse, so that mother and baby were reunited.


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