Anne Kirk(e) by John Hoskins (1590-1665).

Anne Kirk(e), née Killigrew (1607-1641), one of Queen Henrietta Maria’s favourite Maids of Honour, was appointed Dresser to the Queen, one of the most prestigious female roles at Court, in 1637. She died in tragic circumstances four years later when the Royal Barge capsized near to London Bridge. The miniature was part of the 1690 Devonshire Deed of Gift, a large bequest from Elizabeth, wife of the 3rd Earl of Devonshire to her daughter, Anne, wife of the 5th Earl of Exeter, which recorded: “A picture of Mrs. Kirke by Hoskins”.
The 6.7cm oval miniature is set within a rectangular dark-stained fruitwood veneer frame and is signed with initials and dated 1644.


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