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An important George III state bed by Mayhew & Ince, January 1768.

The bed was supplied to Brownlow, 9th Earl of Exeter (1725-1793), by Mayhew & Ince in January 1768.

It was invoiced: ‘A very strong double screw’d bedstead, 6ft. wide 10ft. high …., large mahogany feet posts, turned with Bace and Capital, fully enrich’d, the cullumns fluted and counter fluted and all the members carv’d the pedistals pannell’d and festoons on the face.’

John Mayhew (1736-1811) and William Ince (1737-1804) founded a partnership of London furniture designers, upholsterers and cabinetmakers which they ran from 1759 to 1803.

The firm was much favoured by the 9th Earl and he purchased a significant number of items from them.


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