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An extremely fine pair of wrought iron gates, by Jean Tijou, late 17th Century.

The gates which are 12 feet x 14 feet are of iron, with copper leaf-decoration and are gilded overall; firstly by Rene Cousin. The Exeter MSS 51/5 May 13th, 1693, contains a bill from Rene Cousin, Antonio Verrio’s gilder, in which he refuses to agree a price for the gilding of the gates in correspondence with Culpepper Tanner. ‘Mr Tanner…. raccomode la porte de fer mais je m’en luis tombe d’accord ne la pouvant pas faire pour se prix de £12:0:0.’ The gates were extensively conserved in 1990.
Antonio Verrio was employed from 1686-1697 by John, 5th Earl of Exeter (1648-1700), to paint the ceilings of the State Rooms at Burghley. Culpepper Tanner was the 5th Earl’s steward.


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