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A group of two silver boxes and a silver match case.

A Dutch oblong tobacco box, the base engraved with a naval fleet, the lid chased with flowers and scrolls and the sides with a continuous inscription in Dutch; the maker’s mark a head, Amsterdam, 1783 length 15.2cm.

A small silver box, bearing the cypher DMB on the lid, 7.7cm. The inside of the lid is inscribed ‘presented to Lady Burghley by the Staveley Works Sports Club at the Opening of their Sports Ground, by Lord Burghley, on 16th May 1953.’

The cypher was for Diana Mary Burghley, the second wife of Lord Burghley, the future 6th Marquess of Exeter (1905-1981).

A silver match case, inscribed with a coronet and ‘B’, 6cm.


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