The Annunciation, after Federico Barocci (1535-1612).

Oil on canvas, en grisaille, 39.5cm by 28cm.

The painting is a copy of the original, by Barocci, which hangs in the Vatican Gallery.

Barocci, nicknamed Il Baroccio, was a painter and printmaker of the Italian Renaissance whose work was highly esteemed and influential, foreshadowing the Baroque of Rubens.

He was born in Urbino, and received early training from his sculptor father, before travelling to Rome in 1548, where he worked in the renowned studio of the Mannerist painters Taddeo (1529-1566) and Federico (1540/1-1609) Zuccari.

He returned to his native Urbino, where he continued to receive commissions for altarpieces from further afield, whilst enjoying the patronage of the Duke of Urbino.


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