A Western European gold-mounted standing bowl or salt, early 17th Century.

The hemispherical bowl is carved with ovals, the interior of the bowl with red petalled cinquefoil with green leaves fixing the facetted ovoid stem. The square foot is applied with gold brackets decorated with black cloisonné enamel and red and white rosettes, with cast elephant feet in gold interspersed with table cut emeralds in shaped collets, 7cm high.
The 1690 Devonshire Schedule recording a large bequest from Elizabetb, Countess of Devonshire to her daughter Anne, Countess of Exeter records under ‘Christalls Garnisht and plaine’:… ‘A wrought Round Christall Cupp upon a Square ffoote with a Cover Garnisht with Gold pearles Emrods Rubies and Enamel’.


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