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One of the Soho ‘Elements’ Tapestries, by John Vanderbank, after Charles Le Brun, circa 1685.

The elaborate borders varying in design according to the Element portrayed, all with the arms of the 5th Earl and Countess of Exeter above and with Latin inscriptions below signed F.H., the corners also with appropriate emblems, each tapestry with an allegorical figure displaying the monogram and coronet of the 5th Earl, each with weaver’s mark IVdb.

This detail from ‘Fire’, depicting Jupiter and Vulcan, the arms and the label both supported by salamanders, the border with products of the forge including arms and armour and martial trophies, the side borders with oblong views of Wothorpe and Burghley, the label reading:   Ignis ‘Quanto cestu incendis silvas, urbesque, domosque Quae subversa jacent propiis miseranda ruinis, Inque vicem refoves quam grato membra calore, Decoquis atque cibos, flamis subisque metallas Et prodes; et obes; nondum constare videtur, Utilior srvus, dominusne ferocior extes’, 13ft. 4ins. high by 8ft. 9ins. wide.

1688 Inventory, p.39 – The Wardrobe ‘3 peices of ye Ellements Tapistry hangings, by Vanderbanc’.




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