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A Spaniel and Eagle surprising Duck, by David de Coninck (c.1636-c.1699)

Oil on canvas, in a carved and gilded Maratta frame, 114.5cm by 147.5cm.
Signed l.l.: DAVID.DE.CONINCK.

A pair to PIC111.

The painting was purchased in Italy by John, 5th Earl of Exeter (1648-1700), whilst on the Grand Tour.

It appears in the Burghley Inventory of 1688: ‘Midle or 4th Roome and ye 2 Clossetts…2 peices of Birds & Beasts over ye Doores done by David of Rome.’

The 1738 Inventory records: ‘The Dressing room. Over one Door, a Picture of Wild Fowl, a Dog swimming after ’em in the Water. Over the other Door, two Game Cocks fighting, by David of Rome.’

De Coninck, a Fleming, excelled in the depiction of birds and animals, usually in a landscape setting and often in scenes of great activity.


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