A set of eleven Japanese octagonal teabowls, late 17th Century and a set of nineteen Chelsea saucers, circa 1750/52.

The teabowls, which are 7cm in height, are painted on each facet with either irises, peonies or flowering autumnal grasses, in Kakiemon enamels (excluding yellow). Each of the Chelsea saucers, which were made to match the teabowls half a century later, has a central floret encircled by radiating sprays of stylised chrysanthemum and poppy in the Kakiemon palette and they vary from 12/14cm in diameter. This group is a good example of an east/west marriage. It is recorded in the 1804 Burghley Inventory: p. 24 No 42 ‘China Closet [Green Damask bathroom]….18 octagon saucers coloured, 11 cups in suit’.



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