A marble figure of a sleeping child, attributed to Pierre Étienne Monnot, late 17th Century.

The 5th Earl and his Countess admired the work of Monnot (1657-1733), which they saw in Rome during their 1699-1700 journey. On this, the last of their Grand Tours, the Earl and his wife posed in Rome for Monnot, who executed their portrait busts; purchasing at the same time several pieces of his work. Monnot also produced the couple’s tomb monument, which was installed, perhaps somewhat earlier than they might have expected, in the family chapel at the church of St Martin’s, Stamford in 1704.
The 1763 Burghley Inventory records: ‘the dining room, 4 George room……Child sleep’g by Pet’r Monot of Besancon white marble’.
The sculpture is 52cm wide.


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