A rectangular Japanese export lacquer casket and hinged cover, late 17th Century.

The casket, of pagoda form with corner pillars, is exquisitely decorated overall with landscapes, pavilions and symbolic flora and fauna in gold, silver and aokin makie and thinly raised makie, 38.3cm wide, 31.5cm high.

It is a jewellery casket, of a type produced for export from around the 1640s, and usually made in pairs.

The roof-shaped cover is fastened to the back of the casket with metal hinges, and the uppermost panel of the lid slides out, revealing a space for storing smaller accessories and a frame for inserting a mirror.

A side panel slides out to reveal a secret drawer at the bottom of the casket.

Exhibited: ‘Export Lacquer: Reflection of the West in Black & Gold Makie.’ 2008, Kyoto Museum & Suntory Museum, Tokyo, Cat. No.180.


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