A Japanese export lacquer rectangular box, late 17th/mid 18th Century.

The box depicts a scene of deer in a reed bed and another amongst pines on a seashore, the scene flowing on to the sides of the box, 21cm by 6.7cm by 3.0cm.

On a pear-skin ground, silver was used to represent the sandy seashore and the motifs were rendered in thinly raised gold makie and painted gold, together with gold and silver cut foil.

The 1835 Burghley Inventory records: ‘Japan Closet, Japan in the Glass case opposite the door(s), sic, G.J. A long Box, used to be suspended above the Shelf.’

The 1867 Burghley Inventory records: ‘Cabinets, No 88 Japan Closet, A long gold japan box.’

Exhibited: ‘Export Lacquer: Reflection of the West in Black & Gold Makie.’ 2008, Kyoto Museum & Suntory Museum, Tokyo, Cat. No.212.


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