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A Portrait of Miss Hauchecorne, Governess to the Children of Henry, Ist Marquess of Exeter, by John Russell, R.A. (1745-1806)

Pastel, 76.2cm by 61cm. Indistinctly signed l.l.

Mary Jane Reine Hauchecorne was of Huguenot descent.

Comparatively little is now known about her, but she was employed as a governess to the three children of Henry, 10th Earl of Exeter (1754-1804), some time after the death of his second wife Sarah in 1797.

Miss Hauchecorne’s burial is recorded at St. Peter’s Church, Walworth on 20th December 1830.

In 1801, the earl was elevated to the marquessate, becoming 1st Marquess of Exter.

The artist John Russell, who enjoyed the patronage of George III, was noted for his superlative portraits in pastel, many of which were of children.


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