A parcel-gilt figure of a King wearing armour, possibly German, second half of the 17th Century.

The figure is decorated with applied gilt scrollwork, set with small brilliants and has a brilliant-set crown.

The flowing cloak is decorated with applied gilt scrolls and flowers, and the right foot rests on a globe, with a lion and military trophies to the other side, height 28.6cm, diameter 16.5cm.

In all probability, this is a figure of King Charles II of Spain, who, being childless, is most remarkable for having left the Kingdom to Philip, Duc d’Anjou, a grandson of Louis XIV of France, thus initiating the War of the Spanish Succession. 

In the 1854 Inventory it was in the Blue Drawing Room and was referred to as: ‘A figure of Charles V of embossed silver, under a glass shade, two pieces broken off the crown.’

Today, the crown shows signs of repair.


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