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A pair of massive bronze urns, Italian 19th Century

Each urn is cast with battle scenes in cartouches and with grotesque mask side-handles, with foliate gadrooning and lobing. They sit on marble plinths, 115cm high; 66cm wide.
The 1867 Burghley Inventory records: “Dining Room… A pair of finely chased bronze Vases on marble bases on Square Stone pedestals.”
A pair of urns elsewhere of this same pattern are known to be by Elkington & Co. and dated 1837. They are recorded as, “A pair of noble vases of the casting of Cellini standing 41 inches high with medallions of Francis ! and Marguerite de Valois; Chevalier Bagard and Louis de la Tremaille and 4 bas reliefs representing the Battle of Marignon in 1515; the taking of Chartres in 1427; the Reduction of Metz in 1552, etc, etc.”


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