A pair of Imari kogo, mid-17th Century.

The cylindrical kogo, or incense containers, are 6.4 cm in diameter. They are potted in three interlocking sections, painted in underglaze blue, iron-red, gold and silver. The sides are decorated with the Shochikubai or “The Three Friends of Winter”, prunus, pine and bamboo, the flat lids decorated in brocade style, divided into two semi-circles, one half with plum blossom, the other with a ‘sunburst’ motif, The compartments are bound together by means of a finely wrought silver-gilt filigree cage. They are listed in the 1690 Devonshire Schedule, an important bequest from Elizabeth, Countess of Devonshire to her daughter Anne, Countess of Exeter: “A pair of Boxes of three pieces Each painted in colours garnisht with philigrin Top Bottoms Hinges and Clasps”.



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