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A Spanish or Portuguese marble, inlaid marble, scagliola and brescia marble mantel and over mantel, 17th Century.

The moulded red-mottled marble cornice with four double gourd urn finials, centred on a volute-flanked shell, above a paterae-inlaid frieze with four twist-turned breche d’Alep columns with Corinthian capitals.

These are centred on a blind fluted arch in a panelled reserve; the mottled red marble mantel above a foliate inlaid surround flanked by paterae-inlaid jambs, 380cm by 320cm.

Purchased in June 1839 by Brownlow, 2nd Marquess of Exeter (1795-1867) from Lord Howard de Walden, who obtained it from the Convent pres de Passo de Arcos, near Lisbon.

It cost £27-4-10 and the cost of transportation was £26-14-6!


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