A Japanese lacquer manju-shaped box and cover, late 17th/early 18th Century.

This box, intended to hold incense, is in the shape of a manju, a traditional round Japanese sweetmeat.

It is decorated with branches of plum blossom and pine shoots, complete with roots; the lid carries an encoded inscription in ink.

This piece may have been selected for export from a lot originally destined for the domestic market, diameter 8.2cm, height 4.3cm.

The 1835 Burghley Inventory records: ‘Japan Closet, Glass case opposite the window, Two round Boxes. Black & Gold.’ (See JWA 09073).

The 1867 Burghley Inventory records: ‘Cabinets, No 88 Japan Closet, 2 black and gold japan circular boxes.’ (See JWA 09073).


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