A Man delousing a Dog, David Teniers the Younger (1610-1690).

Oil on panel, 26cm by 37cm. Signed l.r.: D. TENIERS f.

A note attached to the reverse of the painting, in the distinctive hand, of Brownlow, 9th Earl of Exeter (1725-1793), reads: “Catherine de Jonghe, Marchioness of Blandford who dyed Sept.8th 1775 aged 84 years bequeathed this picture painted by David Teniers to the Earl of Exeter.

David Teniers the Younger was a Flemish artist, born in Antwerp, the son, father and grandfather of painters.

He was a versatile and prolific artist and is thought to have painted about 2,000 pictures, including history, landscape and still life paintings and portraiture.

However, he is best known for his scenes of peasant life.

In about 1651 he became court painter to the Hapsburg Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria, Governor of the Spanish Netherlands.

He was also custodian of the Archduke’s enormous art collection in Brussels.


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