A polychrome enamel portrait plaque of Claude de Lorraine, Limoges, attributed to Léonard Limousin (active 1532-1575).

Claude de Lorraine (1496-1550), was the first Duc de Guise and the grandfather of Mary, Queen of Scots.

He is portrayed against a blue ground, in an ermine-edged coat and black cap, wearing a gold chain around his neck.

In an ebonised wood frame with gilt-brass decoration and hardstone inserts, 36x30cm overall.

Léonard Limousin was the most famous of a family of enamel painters from the town of Limoges in south western France.

He was employed at the French court by Francis I (1494-1547) and Henry II (1519-1559), for both of whom he produced numerous enamel portraits.

He also created decorative works for the royal palaces and a variety of other items, including enamelled plates, ewers, cups and vases.


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