A late 19th Century gold triple desk seal.

The seal, cast with scrolls and gryphons, has three engraved matrices, one inscribed ‘Georgiana’ beneath a coronet, one with the initials ‘GSP’ and one with the Exeter arms.

It belonged to Lady Georgina Sophia Pakenham, who in 1848 married William Alleyne, Lord Burghley (1825-1895).

He inherited as 3rd Marquess of Exeter on his father’s death in 1867.

It is something of a mystery that the name ‘Georgiana’ is inscribed on one matrix, as the marchioness was named Georgina, although, perhaps rather confusingly, her mother the Countess of Longford (d.1880) was named Georgiana.

It seems possible that Georgina incorporated one of her mother’s seals into a new and more complex one of her own, perhaps after her mother’s death.


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