A Lady, possibly Lady Ann Rich, nee Cavendish and later 5th Countess of Exeter, with a youth and a black page, by Nicholas Dixon, signed with monogram and dated 1668.

The young lady to sinister gesturing to centre, with light brown hair bound with ribbon and pearls, wearing a rose dress and a white chemise with a striped fichu and spangled drape, the youth to dexter, his left hand resting on the richly attired blackamoor, a spear in his right hand, wearing arcadian hunting clothes of blue and white, landscape background, rectangular, 16cm by 19.7cm, gold edge, rectangular dark-stained fruitwood veneer frame.

Elizabeth, Countess of Devonshire, née Cecil, her will, proved 13th November 1690 (‘A Picture of the Present Countess of Exeter to the ….. with her Brother and A Blackamore boy by Dixon’), by whom given to her daughter, Anne, Countess of Exeter.

Thence by descent.


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