An Arita vase, Japanese, circa 1660-1680.

The vase is in the form of a Japanese lady holding a basket. She is standing beside a naturalistically modelled stump of a pine tree with a flower at her feet picked out in iron-red and blue, 18.8cm high. 

The vase is thought to have been at Burghley by 1688 and can perhaps be identified in the 1688 Burghley Inventory in: ‘My Ladyes Bedchamber–China over ye chimney and in ye Roome, 2 Rockes & figures under them.’

It was sold in 1888 at a three day Christie’s sale of items from the House, including CER20160.

Both were returned to Burghley on a long term loan in 2005; very generously loaned by descendants of a gentleman who had later acquired them.


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