A Grant of Arms to the 10th Earl for his second wife, Sarah Hoggins, 1794.

Before inheriting the earldom from his uncle, Brownlow, 9th Earl of Exeter (1725-1793), Henry Cecil (1754-1804), after an unhappy marriage, lived under an assumed name in Shropshire, where he lodged with a farming family.

He fell in love with the farmer’s daughter, Sarah Hoggins, who in time became his second wife.

After inheriting, the new earl made application to the Earl Marshal of England for a Grant of Arms for the use of his wife, her father and his descendants.

Sadly, the beautiful Sarah died in 1797, shortly after giving birth to their third child and thus, lived for only a brief time at Burghley.

In 1801, her husband was raised to the marquessate, thereby becoming 1st Marquess of Exeter.


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