A flintlock blunderbuss, with brass three-stage barrel engraved ‘E’, a coronet above for Exeter, circa 1680.

The lock is engraved with strawberry foliage and a monster, full stock, full brass mounts, including both the pierced scroll side-plate and the trigger-guard decorated en-suite with the lock.

The butt-plate is inscribed ‘No. 5’, and with its original ramrod.

It is unsigned, the barrel 41cm and overall 75cm.

This was one of the weapons taken by John, 5th Earl of Exeter (1648-1700) and his party when he travelled to the Continent on the Grand Tour.

Brigands abounded, particularly in sparsely populated rural areas and such weapons would have been essential.

However, they had to be handed in to the authorities whenever a town was entered.


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