A Flight Worcester teabowl and saucer, circa 1785.

This spirally fluted teabowl and saucer, decorated with gilding, dark puce enamel and scattered sprays of flowers, was made at a time when most of the wares produced at Worcester were blue and white copies of Chinese originals.

There are also three coffee cups and one other saucer.

The Worcester factory was founded in 1751 by a group of local businessmen, from whom it was purchased in 1783 by Thomas Flight (1726-1800).

Flight’s two sons, Joseph and John, subsequently directed production at the factory, which received a Royal Warrant from King George III in 1789.

John Flight (c1766-1791) had travelled to France to study the latest porcelain designs, which he introduced at the factory and which proved to be a great success.


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