A teapot and cover, Dutch Delft, circa 1700.

Of faceted, baluster form, the teapot is painted in cobalt blue in Chinese ‘Transitional’ style with a figure in a rock garden beside banana plantain.

The lid, decorated with rocks and vegetation, is surmounted by a button knop.

The short, straight spout is washed in blue; the plain loop handle decorated with a continuous scroll, 15cm.

It is similar to CER0720.

Throughout the early 17th Century the Dutch dominated European trade with the East, importing millions of items of porcelain.

However, in mid century, civil war in China interrupted the production and exportation of Chinese porcelain to the Netherlands, which declined dramatically.

The potters in Delft seized the opportunity to fill the void as they began, with great success to produce earthenwares in imitation of Chinese porcelain.


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